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Dan Buettner, explorer, author, public speaker, producer, and world record holder for endurance bicycling.

When it comes personal training, Ron has no peer. His winning combination of world class know-how and likability actually makes it fun to push yourself to utter exhaustion. I know from my own research Ron incorporates the latest health science into his regimens. His gym has the feeling of a community, an extended family of sorts so that you’re always surrounded by people who support the right habits. I cannot think of better way to seek fitness, regain lost youth and live longer than to cast your lot with Ron.

Dan Buettner, author of New York Times Bestseller, The Blue Zones: What the Longest-lived People Teach us about Living Longer

Dan appeared Dan appeared with Dr. Oz on The Oprah Winfrey Show November 25, 2008. Dan has also appeared on Anderson Cooper 360, Good Morning America and is an Emmy award winner for his documentary Africa Trek.

Bonnie K, Comp. & Benefits Manager

What would you do if you were an over-50, cancer survivor, unfit, overweight woman? If you were me you’d Google for a personal trainer in Chicago and find Train with Ron. This was back in June, 2007. Seven months later, I’ve already lost over 40 lbs, I have more strength and endurance than I did when I was 30. And if I didn’t have to work I’d probably be training with Ron and his trainers DB and Matt every day. They have actually make fitness fun. Don’t get me wrong, it is hard work — but the motivation they provide, along with the education on both a fitness level and nutrition level is remarkable. I have never run a day in my life — until I started training with TWR. I’m actually starting to run and love it. My knees were a mess. But they were patient and helped me strengthen the muscles below and above the knee and now I’m even doing lunges. I was a little nervous when I first started because I am older and was really out of shape, but everyone there (including other clients) has been supportive, encouraging and challenges me to do my best. I can’t say enough about Train with Ron, except if you want to get back in shape…or just want to improve your fitness level, you can’t go wrong working with Ron and his team. My goal for the next six months…run a 5k race, and take off another 40-50 lbs! As long as I’m training with TWR I actually think I’ll make it.

Part 2 – It’s September 1, 2008 and it’s been 1 year and 3 months since I first walked into TWR. The good news—I’m now down 65 pounds and best of all … I’m off blood pressure medicine! My doctor is amazed what great shape I’m in now. I even completed my first 5K race — which would have been unbelievable a year ago. I admit I did hit a plateau, but Ron, DB & Matt wouldn’t let me give up. Nor would other clients! It’s such a great environment for those who are serious about becoming or staying fit. The camaraderie is unlike anything I’ve experienced in any other gym. I know the last 35 pounds are going to be even tougher to lose, but given the motivation and encouragement I get from TWR I’ll do it. Don’t get me wrong — it’s really hard work. But these guys find a way to make it fun. Stay tuned for Part 3!!!

Phil W.

TWR plays an integral part in my wife and my life. Although she is there more often than I am, we both look forward to seeing the guys over there for a couple of reasons.

  1. They are extremely friendly, knowledgeable and know how hard to push you. Hard enough, where you are getting one of the better workouts of your life but no so hard that you are punishing your body…although you will be sore if you don’t go often.
  2. For the money, you cannot find a better workout.
  3. The facility is top notch.
  4. The workouts are different every time that you go in.
  5. They have established an environment that is family-like.
  6. Most importantly, if you decide to use them, you will see changes.

email from Caroline S on January 29th, 2010

Hi Ron,

I want to tell you how happy I am with the training so far, and even happier with the results. There is such a drastic difference in my endurance and stamina from when I started, and I definitely have more energy. I can also fit into clothes that have been tucked away in the back of my closet for a long time! Another advantage about the training is that although I am conscious of making healthier food decisions, I certainly do not feel deprived in any way, and generally eat what I want in smaller proportions. To be honest, I am surprised at how quickly by body has transforming. Your staff is wonderful and they do a terrific job. Thank you so much for all of the training and encouragement that TWR provides!


Grant S.

I started at this place after I met Matt online. I was looking for a trainer on craigslist and that’s how I started going there. He listened to me and helped me set a realistic plan to achieve my goals. I started a routine (going several times a week) and after about 2 1/2 months I convinced myself it was too far for me to travel and I could find a place closer to home. I tried other places, but was not getting the results, nor were they fun or seriously working me out. I came back to TWR and have been going regularly for the past 4 months. I really see great results and wish I had never left. They will get you in shape, overall good shape. Great for beginners to advanced fitness levels.

GAH – Startup Biotech Scientist and Regulator

I have been active in sports continuously since childhood. I was a respectable high school halfback, an laughably undersized guard in basketball, an undisciplined sprinter, an IM junkie, and a terrible college wrestler (I mean awful). Now, at 42, I am transitioning from what I worked when preparing for a specific sporting event to more of a balanced fitness-lifestyle program that will keep me in top shape and is manageable with my work schedule. I have trained under every kind of workout regimen imaginable and find no match for the whole-body fitness program at TWR. The creativity of Ron’s 30ON-30OFF philosophy, Matt’s PURE STEEL power program, and DB’s Triathalon/Crosstraining regimen offer a variety of activities that keep me enthusiastic and engaged. Having known Ron for decades and DB and Matt for the last several years, I wholeheartedly vouch for their character. You will not find trainers more interested in you, as a person, as well as your fitness success.

Greg Taucher

This year marks my 4th year hitting it at TWR and my 22nd year of enduring “annual physicals” at The Cooper Clinic in Dallas, TX. This year’s results: Treadmill Stress Test improved 02:31 year-on-year to 21:47, which puts me in the low end of the “excellent” cardio-vascular condition for my age group. The Body Mass (calipers + weight in the water tank) test results year-on-year were equally outstanding: dropped 14 pounds of fat /added 19 pounds of muscle. So rolling out for those 6:00am work-outs on cold winter mornings ….worth it. Thanks guys.

Kelly M.

I started going to Train with Ron in late 2007 based on a friend’s recommendation and years later, I am still hooked!  Every workout is challenging, fun and unique.  The trainers (Ron, DB and Matt) are great guys who encourage you and work with you to set fitness goals.

Prior to TWR, I tried out personal trainers at both Cheetah Gym in Bucktown and the West Loop Athletic Club.  I had such terrible experiences with these gym trainers that I nearly gave up on personal training.  I am glad though that I gave TWR a shot because it’s a totally different experience.  There are no bored, apathetic gym trainers here!  I have realized great results in terms of endurance, strength and weight loss.  I’ve also found that it is more affordable than gym trainers and clients have the option to either purchase a package or pay-as-you-go.  Make an investment in your physical health and contact TWR for an appointment today!

Amy D — Special Agent, FBI

As someone who was a “lifelong athlete” playing 5 sports in high school, soccer in college and post college I never felt like I needed help staying in shape. So when I started to prepare for a fitness test with the FBI I wasn’t too worried about it. And then I got injured and hit a rut. I was not in bad shape by any means but I felt I was struggling to get the scores I wanted and was worried that I might not pass in one of the events…so I turned to Train With Ron upon the suggestion of a friend.

Ron, Matt and DB assured me that they would be able to get me where I wanted to be in all of the events and with that I started training. I was at the gym with them 3 times a week and worked as hard as I could every time I was there. When I thought I couldn’t do anymore their encouragement kept me going and their approach to training kept me wanting to come back for more. Training was always an adventure because every workout is different from the one before which keeps your interest and keeps your body guessing. When I got to the FBIAcademy, I scored the second highest number of points in my class of 44, the highest for a female and scored 9 out of 10 in 2 of the 4 events. I implemented some of the programs they use while I was there and continued to improve scoring 3 more points in the 2nd fitness test I had to take. It was a great feeling, especially since I was one of the 4 oldest people in the class.

Train With Ron not only helped me pursue a career with the FBI and improve my fitness level, it made me really enjoy working out again. While my career as taken me away from Chicago I will always stay in touch with the TWR team because I know even from afar they will continue to motivate me and give me ideas on how I can improve my fitness level. They truly provide a motivating environment with lots of support and encouragement. The structure of workouts creates such a great team atmosphere that rather than working out never knowing the person next to you, you find yourself encouraging each other to constantly improve and do more. If you are tired of being in a rut and dreading a trip to the gym then it is time to go to TWR!!

Constance P.

I heard about Train with Ron from a friend over five years ago.  From my first session there, I was hooked.  I am easily bored by formal workouts and that is never the case at TWR.  Each time I go the workout is totally different but always incorporating cardio, core and major muscle groups.  When I started at TWR I could not even do one regular push up and now I do them effortlessly.  Ron, DB, and Matt are all so encouraging and motivating as are the other clients.  I have made many friends at TWR and really look forward to my sessions there.

KTM – FBI Agent Candidate

I started with Train With Ron in June 08, with little insight into or experience with personal training. And honestly, I was skeptical.

At this time, I had just been accepted into the FBI Special Agent Selection process… which was great, except for one small detail. Part of the selection process included a fairly intense physical fitness test that I would need to take in September. I did a self-assessment based on the scoring scale the FBI provides… and the results.. not good. With the exception of the long distance run, I was below threshold in all other events.

I explained my goal to Ron, DB & Matt, and they assured me that with their training I would not only pass, but would score highly on the test. With their assurance, I started my training. Whoa, was I surprised. I worked hard.. VERY hard.. was at TWR 4-6 times a week being challenged beyond what I ever thought I could actually do. And their approach was something I had never envisioned. In an hour session I was working cardio, all muscle groups, and doing “moves” that are so unique and keep your body guessing. No two workouts were ever the same! And then.. results. My situps & pushups soared, I was pushing around weights that I never thought possible for me, and my endurance was better than it ever was.

Anyway, fast-forward to the test. Not only did I pass, but as Ron, DB & Matt predicted, I did very well, I had the highest score for Chicago. My training with TWR has not only helped me pursue a career opportunity with the FBI, but has also dramatically improved my fitness level, and changed my outlook on keeping in shape… I want to do more and get even better. TWR provides a fun, motivating environment, without any pressure.. just support and encouragement. If you have fitness goals, or are just looking to make a change in your lifestyle and need support, instruction and motivation, TWR is your best bet.

Escape C

This training facility is wonderful. The trainers, Matt and DB, are awesome. Every time I go the hour is completely different, we never do the same workout twice. Also, unlike most trainers in the city, these guys actually listen to you and your goals. Whether you are looking to just tone up or to build muscle mass, they don’t have you doing some prefabbed routine.

I would really recommend this place to EVERYONE!! They are great for beginners all the way up to advanced athletes.

Eric R., IT Professional

I had always thought of myself as being in “good shape”, but the reality was that I was gaining weight and becoming less active with each passing year. After I hit my 30s, I had been perpetually stuck in the cycle of starting a training program, quitting it because of some injury and then starting it up again. I had good intentions, but I wasn’t really making any progress. Shortly before my 37th birthday when I hit my heaviest weight of 235 lbs with 29% body fat percentage, I found Ron and started training with him 3 times a week. Within 6 months, I’ve dropped 15 lbs off of my weight and reduced my body fat percentage by 10% and become stronger now than when I was 27.

Here are the top 10 reasons why I will continue to train with Ron:

  • If you go you will see results!
  • Your weaknesses will soon become your strengths.
  • The workout routines are always different so you never get bored.
  • You get a mix of aerobic and strength training.
  • You get a full body workout in every training session.
  • Ron and his trainers, DB and Matt, will always get the most out of you every session.
  • There’s always healthy competition to take it to the next level.
  • You get individual attention when you need it.
  • Ron always makes himself available to answer questions.
  • There is a great team atmosphere where everyone is encouraged regardless of their fitness level.

Stephanie U. from Chicago, IL

I agree with everyone that has reviewed these guys already. I have been going to Train With Ron for about four years now. My weight has gone up and down, but these guys help me get though it every level I am at. The trainers, Ron, Matt and DB, are tough, but good. They all bring something different to the table so everytime feels completely different. I would also recommend this place to EVERYONE!! They are perfect for the beginners and I’ll let you know about how they are with advanced athletes once I become one in a couple months of training.

Holly Clark, School Administrator

Unsolicited letter from Holly Clark to Chicago Magazine:
I recently read in your magazine that The Bar Method was considered one of the best workouts in Chicago. I do the Bar Method classes and they are good. But, I must tell you they do not compare to my other workout. The best workout in Chicago is hands-down, Train with Ron. As a girl who grew up in Southern California – I know how to stay in shape and have spent most of my life in the gym. This workout is by far the best and most exhilarating workout I have ever experienced, and to my knowledge there is nothing like it in Chicago.

Since beginning my workouts with Ron, my body has changed DRAMATICALLY. I have been working out with him for six months and have never looked better, felt better or been in better shape – period. For your next BEST edition you really should check out this gym. One thing I find very interesting is that other trainers workout with him before going to their clients. That alone is an amazing reference. You can find more information at the website: The workouts at this gym are not one-on-one workouts but rather small group workouts which push, challenge and motivate each participant. They have changed the way I think about working out. You would be remiss not to include this gym in your next BEST edition.

Thank you,
Holly Clark 40, School Administrator

Carry F. fromChicago, IL

I was introduced to TWR Spring of 2008 and really was looking to get in shape for my wedding.  I had no idea what I was getting into, but honestly these are the best trainers I’ve worked out with ever.  I’ve tried trainers at my local gym and also tried to workout on my own, but nothing/no one has pushed me as hard as the trainers at TWR, Ron, DB and Matt.  They keep it interesting and push me to work harder than I every have before.  It’s been almost 2 years and I’m still going strong and love it.    I would definitely recommend training with these guys!  No matter what level you are, you will get a good workout at TWR.

Mitch 33 Senior Equity Analyst

After many unsuccessful attempts to get in shape and lose weight over the course of 10 years, I finally decided on a different kind of personal training than what is typically offered at the local gym. I was tremendously lucky to find Train with Ron. The experience I have had at TWR has been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined and the results have been incredible. TWR’s workouts are the most challenging out there and get you into excellent shape. I have gone from struggling to run one mile to being able to easily do eight. But what I think really separates TWR from anything else out there and the reason I was able to stay committed is the staff. Ron, Matt, and DB all motivate you in a positive way and they take great pride in your progress. They foster a family-type atmosphere in the gym, and it makes me look forward to coming in, and I’m someone who has historically dreaded working out. They continuously change up the workouts to keep things fresh and make sure you are consistently progressing. It is easy to tell that they genuinely care. So, after less than six months of enjoyable workouts, here are the results: 25 pounds lost (with a lot of added muscle), four inches less in the waist, and more energy than I’ve ever had in my entire life. Thank you Ron, Matt, and DB for helping me achieve something that I had come to think was impossible!

Cindy V. from Posen, IL

If you give Train With Ron a chance you definately will NOT regret it!  I have been going there for a couple of months and I feel like its a good investment for what I am trying to accomplish.  The trainers are knowledgeable, friendly and very motivating. What I love about Train With Ron is that the trainers have a way of making challenging workouts fun.  The facility is fully equipped, the trainers are great, the clientele is friendly…definately check them out, this place is the real deal.

Karen A., 33 yrs old, Financial Analyst and Mother of 2

In April 2008, I realized that I needed a serious jump start to get back into shape and lose weight. I had my second baby in July of 2007 and was still struggling to lose the stubborn pregnancy pounds. My goal? To celebrate my eighth wedding anniversary, which was coming up in September, by losing 25 lbs to get back to my wedding day weight. A friend of mine had recently started working out at Train With Ron (TWR) and said it was the best workouts she had ever had. I met with Ron and after hearing about the program and seeing the clients in the gym, I signed up immediately. The first several workouts were really tough, it had literally been two years since I had been at the gym. But, Ron, DB and Matt were great- so supportive and motivational that I felt like I could keep with the workouts. And it has completely paid off, within four months I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight and by Sept. 2nd, I was able to fit back into my wedding dress! It is not just the weight loss though, my energy levels are high, almost at the same levels at my three and a half year old…and I feel great. The fast paced training style at TWR will increase your cardio endurance as well as your muscle tone, it is truly a total body transformation. This is the best shape I have ever been in and I owe it to the three fantastic trainers at TWR. Thanks guys!

Doug A. from Chicago, IL

Whether you’re a high school athlete trying to make it to the next level, a professional athlete, a young professional, a law enforcement professional, or a retired senior citizen, these trainers will make any of your fitness goals attainable!  The staff are professional and friendly and there is a lot of camraderie among all who train here.  This is a sports performance facility, not a gym.  There is no waiting for equipment.  You get incredible workouts to push you based on your ability.  There is no feeling of being lost in the crowd as you workout with a trainer and up to 3 other members.   I have no personal or professional affiliation with the owners/staff and have not been promised anything for writing this review (I just train at the facility!).  Bottom line is this is the best place to get you in shape, meet great people, and is reasonably priced.  Try one session at TWR and I know you will validate everything I’m saying!

Andrea D. from Chicago IL

This is the place to go if you want to get in shape fast!  The staff, as well as the clientele are incredibly motivating.  I have been a fairly regular client here for 2 years and have never repeated a workout, which is important to me since I tend to get bored easily with my fitness routine.

I would not hesitate in recommending this place to anyone, regardless of their level of fitness.

Katie L. 29

I started TWR 3 months ago right after I got engaged. I had over 9 months until my wedding, but I wanted to get a jump start on my “wedding diet”. I have always considered myself a healthy, active woman, but I was holding onto 10 pounds that I could not get rid of no matter how many days a week I worked out or how ever many fad diets I tried. After many recommendations, I decided to make Ron, Matt, and DB part of my morning workout routine. After my first, second, and third workouts, I knew it would be impossible not to see results. I have never experienced a workout quite like TWR. Every workout is a challenge, yet every day I leave feeling more accomplished and proud of myself than the session before. I have shed 8 of those stubborn 10 pounds (in 3 months!) and lost almost 5% of my body fat. While I still have 6 months until my wedding, I am already picturing myself in my wedding dress and I can’t wait for the big day to finally get here! SERIOUSLY RON – Thank you so much for everything so far! I really love waking up every Tuesday and Friday to workout with you guys. I feel so confident and happy with my body and let me tell you, that in and of itself is a huge accomplishment for me.

Rachel S. from Chicago IL

I have been going to Train With Ron for over three years and it is easily the most fun I’ve ever had going to a trainer.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional tri-athelete or it’s the first time you’ve ever stepped into a gym, Ron, DB and Matt always make the workout challenging, fun and level-appropriate.  I have happily recommended Train With Ron to family and friends, all of whom are hooked now too.  If you’re looking for a trainer in Chicago, Train With Ron is far and away the best choice!

Heather Paquin DeJonker 29, School Teacher

I originally started training with Ron for my wedding. I had also been putting off a scheduled knee surgery and waited until my wedding and honeymoon were both over. After my surgery I didn’t know what would happen once I recovered. But during my recovery, for the first time in my life, I found myself really missing the training with Ron. It wasn’t just burning calories when I was working out, I felt good all over. It improved my confidence, my self esteem and my general mental wellness. So after the surgery, I came back to Ron. It has been over 6 months this time around and I can do so much more than I ever could before. I have lost 14 pounds, and gone down 2 pants sizes. The best part though, is that I actually enjoy exercising. The workout is different every time so there is nothing to dread! I love the small group dynamic because it is never competitive and always supportive. I only compete with myself as I get stronger and become more adept at certain “Moves”! Train with Ron has absolutely changed my life in so many positive ways.

Lauren L. from Chicago IL

I  highly highly recommend TWR for anyone looking to get in shape and really challenge themselves.  DB, Ron, and Matt are the best trainers I have ever worked out with and are also some of the nicest guys you would ever want to know.  They were all very receptive to my goals, and helped me every step of the way from nutrition advice to suggesting things I could do on my own to maximize my independent workouts.  I started working out here to tone up before my wedding, but almost a year after the big day, I’m still working out here and I don’t plan to stop.  Definitely worth it!

Matt Larson, Engineering Graduate Student Cornell University

I worked with Ron as part of a national competition to loose body fat. From our first session it became evident Ron was different that other trainers I had encountered. More than just breaking a sweat, Ron wanted me to understand what I was doing and why. He’s not a drill sergeant, but more a teacher and motivator of healthy living — both by exercise and diet. Don’t get me wrong, Ron knows how to push you to your limits. He draws every ounce of effort out of you while leaving you thrilled to have done so. He pairs creativity and continuity of exercises to keep workouts fresh but familiar and comfortable. If you need a pick up, he’ll jump right in beside you to help get you through. Most of all, I have to respect Ron for his dedication to his cause and most importantly to his clients. Not only does he walk his talk, he’ll do just about anything to help you walk yours. 6 weeks and countless hours with Ron taught me a lot about my body, how to take care of it and train it, as well as dedication to self and goal setting. In addition to it all, I walked away with $5,000 as the grand-prize winner.

Chris G. from Chicago IL

These guys do it right! DB, Matt and Ron are dedicated trainers that will help you achieve your personal fitness goals. They are constantly changing up the workouts to keep it fresh while still challenging each person given their fitness levels. Ron and crew can help anyone achieve their fitness goals in a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Give it a try you will not be disappointed!!

Chris G.

Frank N

I am a 37 year old commodity trader and have training with Ron for over a year now. I have worked out my entire life, done triathlons and can honestly say I have never been even close to the shape I am in now. It’s all due to TWR. I cannot say enough about Ron, Matt and DB either. Not only will they get you into fantastic shape, Ron’s business model of training a few people at one time, creates chemistry, great bonds and friendships with other clients. Not only is Ron the best trainer I’ve ever known, he’s also one of the greatest people. I will always be a client of Ron’s and am now honored to call him a good friend.

Lindsay S, 26

I came to Ron’s gym with one mission- to look good in a bright orange bridesmaid dress! I’ve stuck with Ron, Matt and DB way past that wedding-I’m actually preparing again for another!

I have never had personal trainers push me the way that they do, while encouraging me to go above and beyond what I thought possible in terms of strength and endurance. I have discovered new muscles (I never knew I had any) and an appreciation for how far I’ve come. I’m looking forward to the next level in my fitness evolution, knowing that I have their dedication to my success as a backup.

These trainers can turn the weakest bridesmaid into a force to be reckoned with (I could probably do more pushups then the groomsmen at this point) in a short time. I highly recommend if you want fabulous and fast results.

Patrick L., 31 Comedy Writer

I had worked out with a trainer in the past and saw results, but like many people I found myself not sticking to a routine once I was off on my own. Several months went by, my fitness stopped being a priority and the extra pounds began to add up. My clothes were all starting to feel really tight, some not fitting at all. I just felt sloppy. I became fed up and started to look online for a new personal trainer, someone with a fresh perspective. That’s when I found Train with Ron! I first was impressed with the information on his website, it looked professional and was to the point. I gave him a call, set up my first session and the rest is history! In 4 months I lost 25 lbs and 10% body fat and I’ve never felt more confident. I know that every time I show up Ron, DB and Matt will push me to a new limit. Their workouts are 100% effective and never boring. I really can’t say enough about all three of them. They’re great motivators and really care about your fitness goals! The intangible is the sense of community the gym provides, it’s an energized environment where quitting isn’t an option.

Heather P. from Chicago IL

I originally started training with Ron 4 years go for my wedding. I had also been putting off a scheduled knee surgery and waited until my wedding and honeymoon were both over to have it done. In the year prior to the wedding, Ron helped me to get in shape and completely worked around my bad knees. He was amazing at finding ways for me to lose weight and build muscle without further injuring my bad knees. After my surgery I didn’t know what would happen once I recovered. But during my recovery, for the first time in my life, I found myself really missing exercise, but especially the training with Ron. I wasn’t just burning calories when I was working out, I felt good all over. It improved my confidence, my self esteem and my general mental wellness. So after the surgery, I came back to Ron, and the two other fabulous trainers, D.B. and Matt. It has been over 2 years this time around and I can do so much more than I ever could before. I have lost 14 pounds, and gone down 2 pants sizes. More importantly, I have been able to keep it off. The best part is that I actually enjoy exercising. Before Ron I had never exercised in any kind of formal way. I hated exercise and could only force myself to take brisk walks to try to lose weight. At Train with Ron the workout is different every time so there is nothing to fear or dread. Even when I am tired at the end of a long day, I look forward to going. I love the small group dynamic because it is never competitive and always supportive. I only compete with myself as I get stronger and become more adept at certain “Moves”.The trainers care about you and work around your specific needs, while challenging you to get stronger. It really is a community of people working out together. You get to know everyone, and help them to celebrate their goals and achievements. Train with Ron has absolutely changed my life in so many positive ways. I only wish I had discovered it earlier!

D. Evans, FBI Special Agent

When I started the training program with Ron, I had a goal, which was to pass a physical fitness requirement in order to be hired by the FBI. I listened to Ron’s advice and to supplement my training with him, I followed the 30 on 30 off program at home along with improving what I ate, based on his guidance. In about a few months, I barely recognized myself. I made my goal, which was to pass the fitness test. Moreover, what I didn’t think about when I started training was how much my body would change. I had a whole new set of concerns that aren’t so bad to have – none of my clothes fit me anymore. In a matter of 6 months, I went from a size 8 to a size 4. I am healthy, fit, strong, and best of all, I’ll been able to obtain a long-time dream of becoming a Special Agent due to Ron’s help. Thanks Ron!

Kate & Jared from Chicago IL

My husband and I made our first appointment at Train with Ron to ‘get fit for our wedding’.  It WORKED!!  We quickly became addicted to the workouts….it’s by far the best workout we’ve ever done and continues to challenge and motivate us after 20 months of regular training with Ron, DB and Matt.  We’ve done everything from spinning to personal trainers at Equinox to running marathons, but nothing has kept us going/as committed to working out as TWR!
Kate & Jared


Before I started coming to Train With Ron, sure I had worked out on my own, changed my diet and made significant changes to my body. I would take time off and when I got started back up again I would follow the same routine and lacked the results I had seen previously. I was never much into cardio and I knew I needed a change as I felt like I had hit the wall with no where else to go. That’s when I started coming to Train With Ron and it has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. Not only did Ron give me the change that my workouts and body needed, he has boosted my cardio to levels I thought were unimaginable. His unique style is something you have to experience to believe and don’t by fooled by the word “trainer”. Some may think of a trainer as a drill sergeant yelling at you to get down and do 20! Not the case here. Ron designs workouts that challenge every part of your body and is nothing but encouraging and motivating the entire time. I have gained strength, gone from 16% body fat to 10% in a month and my energy levels have increased like never before. I challenge anyone who works out on their own or with a trainer to give TWR a try because it blows anything that you’re currently doing away! Thanks Ron and the entire staff at TWR!

Kimberly T. from Chicago IL

I am crazy about Train with Ron!

I started going almost 2 years ago and feel like a million bucks. During the first week you’ll ask yourself why you ever started-you’ll feel muscles you never knew existed-but by week 3 your body will be thanking you. Your head will be thanking you… And you’ll love looking in the mirror.

The trainers are not good, they are GREAT. They work at a pace that keeps you motivated. They each have different training styles, but after an hour workout the end result is sweaty and supercharged.

I love this gym and know anyone looking to make changes will love it to!

Adam R, Small Business Owner

I began working with Ron about a month before I was to run the Chicago marathon. I thought I was in good shape, having been training all summer, but his workouts changed my beliefs on fitness.

I didn’t mention it at the time, but I had wanted to try something a little harder. I had been interested in the sport of Ultrarunning, that is — covering distances greater than the marathon’s 26.2 miles (but typically 50 or more) in a single effort. These runs usually take place in wooded trails made up of rocks, roots, stream crossings, mud and plenty of hills. Suffice to say, they make the marathon look easy in comparison. I had to try.

On April 14th, 2007, I succeeded. In 12 hours and 58 minutes I ran 50 miles, finishing 40th out of 122 runners. The day was cold and wet; the course technical and steep; and the race unlike anything I have ever done. I attribute my success to the time spent working with Ron and his team in the gym. Perhaps, most importantly, is the mental strength I’ve acquired while working with them. It took a certain level of resolve to continue knowing that there were still 7 hours of running left ahead of me. Despite the pain (which there was a lot of), quitting was not an option.

Training with Ron has allowed me to discover that the fears, doubts and limitations I once believed to be true are nothing more than illusions. Over the months, I have gained more than just an improved physique: I am more confident, more determined and more dedicated throughout all areas of my life. I can’t thank him enough.

Josh S. from Chicago IL

Training is fun here!  I am a 6:00 am junkie.  If I don’t get my workout in at TWR 3 to 4 times a week then I just don’t feel right.

My wife introduced me to TWR three years ago and I haven’t looked back since.  I have always been a gym rat and played recreational sports – but these guys take it to the next level.  They train you in ways that are both challenging for your body and your mind.

The unique individual talents of each trainer (Ron, Matt, and DB) couldn’t be more perfect.  Whether your focus is on weights, cardio, or overall holistic health I challenge you to find a better workout than TWR.

Moneywise – I think that the special offer is the best in the city.  Try to go find another one better.

There is also parking for no additonal fee.

Erica W, TV Executive

I have been training with Ron for over a year now. The great thing about training with Ron, is he always keeps it interesting and he makes the workouts custom for every client. I never feel as though I am repeating workouts or bored. A few months ago however, I hit “the training wall” as I am sure most who work out regularly do, at some point during the year. When I expressed this to Ron, he gave me a new 30 on 30 off to try on my own and I feel so much better. I now do 30 on 30 off on my days when I am not training with Ron. I am able to work out harder and I am far less sore after my hour with him than I used to be! Most importantly, I have re-gained my motivation!

Francesca K. from Chicago IL

A few years ago a friend DRAGGED me into TWR.  I thought I would go once to make her happy.  I have been a satisfied customer for about 3 years now. I never bought into the idea of a personal trainer… was I wrong.  My body has never been stronger even though I have always been   active.  I became a true believer in Ron, Matt and DB when I saw my brother who has always been athletic suffer from a sports related injury.  His injury stemmed from lack of muscular balance.  From time to time I try some rather strenuous, new physical challenges and I have to say, aside from some minor bumps and bruises, I’m good to go.  Thanks guys!

Marie G

I recently moved back to Chicago from Boca Raton, FL and the first order of business was to lose the weight I had gained and also get back to healthy living. I found Ron on a simple Google search, and so I had no expectations. But from the moment I met him, I knew he was going to be exactly what I needed to help me achieve my fitness goals. He walks the talk, and he does it all in a way where he doesn’t come off as overconfident, like most trainers. Ron listens to you, he understands what your looking to achieve, determines how much you are willing to work for it, and then he just does what he does best! Granted, when I first started there were days of not being able to move my lower body and/or feeling like I was going to pass-out midway through sessions; however, through those times, Ron constantly praises your efforts, and keeps you motivated. Within a month and half, I am faster, stronger, recovery is instant, I have way more energy, and most importantly, I have begun to see some real body-transformation results. He taught me about nutrition and how the body reacts to food, and how healthy living is not a quick fix, but rather a way of life. Ron is the real deal, and through our daily workouts I find myself being so inspired by his commitment to genuinely wanting to help people. Thank you Ron!

Shawn R. from Chicago IL

What differentiates this training facility from other gyms and boot-camps are the fun and skilled trainers, their mix of new age and old school equipment, and the inventive training sessions that mix up and shock your body every single time you go!

They can help a variety of body types and fitness levels, weather you are looking to accentuate your own existing training program or want them to create a schedule where you can do it all there. If you want to lose weight, add muscle, or just try and fit in to those jeans…they can help.

Take it from me, I have lost 150lbs from diet and exercise in the past 3 years.  Train with Ron is the exercise facility that can help get your there too.  No doubt, bang for your buck, this is the place to go.

Maggie M, Waitress

I can’t say enough good things about Training With Ron. I have been dancing most of my life—ballet, modern, jazz and have used many techniques to supplement my training: pilates, yoga, running, weight training, breathing exercises and personal training. Now I breakdance and need the most athletic conditioning there is. “Training With or Train With Ron” is exactly as he says, TRAINING! He has honed his unique training style to an art and he seamlessly and gracefully leads more than one client at a time, so that even I, with a waitress’s paycheck, can afford his expertise and benefit from the flow and energy of the people working around me. He balances every workout, pulling more out of me than I thought I had, yet never daunting me with impossible tasks. He has paid attention from day one to my personal goals. I have never had more faith in a training regimen or athletic navigator than I do with Ron and I am learning much, even on top of years of previous study. There are few true masters of an art, and Ron and his staff are the real thing.

George C. from Chicago IL

I have been a client of TWR on and off for three years and I definitely recommend  this for anyone looking to get/remain-in shape.  Since I began my latest round of sessions a few months ago, my overall fitness level has increased in addition to weight and body fat loss.

The staff (Ron, DB and Matt) are great guys and bring tons of credibility to their role as trainers given their athletic and training backgrounds.  This is evident as they’re able to work with and tailor workouts to their clients’ diverse fitness levels and goals.

Final selling points include the facility being well kept and the competitive pricing of single sessions and packages.

Debbie S.

I started seeing Ron about 2 years ago. I had always been an athlete and was intially skeptical to go to a trainer based on my attitude that I could self-motivate and get the same results on my own. Ron hasn’t only changed that belief system, but has seriously changed my life in the way I look, feel, and live. When I first met Ron, I learned very quickly that he wasn’t your typical “muscle-head” trainer. He trains you as an individual, seeks to understand your body , pushes you to your own limit, and most importantly is educated and understands human physiology more than most would think a personal trainer would.

Now, I am on the cusp of turning 34, am in the best shape I have ever been in my entire life, I am toned in a way I never deemed possible, and have never felt as physically good, strong, thin, and confident as I feel now, after having been trained by Ron for the past 2 years. Especially if you are a woman who has just completed your first set of pull-ups, it’s the single-most empowering moment you’re ever going to feel.

He’s the best there is and his training sessions are as good as it gets. I am writing this commentary because he has inexplicably changed my life, and anyone considering personal training needs to set up an appointment with Ron because he will undeniably have that same effect on you.

Bindhu I. from Chicago IL

I have been training with TWR for 9 months and I am an addict…..It is a great atmosphere to motivate yourself to reach your physical fitness goals…I am a physical therapist who enjoys to get her butt kicked and 100%confident in the training methods of Ron, Dale, and Mat. The trainers make sure that each session is different from the last.  Not only are their workouts challenging but the sessions are affordable. The hour session is worth every penny.

In the past couple of months, I have improved my running distance and time and overalll strength. I highy recommend TWR for anyone who wants to lose weight, tone up and improve their overall health. Stop by and check it out and you will be addicted as well!!!!

Eynav E. Attorney At Law

Training with Ron has really made a huge difference in my fitness level. I can see the increase in strength and in my endurance levels. Running, push-ups, pull-up and other activities were things I thought only other people could do, and now I am doing those things every week. Ron’s style is to push hard, while still being supportive and letting you know that working hard, even if you don’t succeed, is what it is all about. The atmosphere at Train With Ron is a lot of fun, we all joke around and chat (when we can catch our breath). I look forward to my workouts!

Elizabeth H from Chicago IL

I found TWR about 3 years ago when I was looking for a personal trainer.  I wanted someone who was affordable and in a facility that I wouldn’t have to pay dues or an initiation fee.  I found Ron online and we set up an appointment.  I have been going ever since.  Ron, DB and Matt are absolute quality trainers.

I had spine surgery a couple years ago and was sure I was never going to be in top shape again after that.  I was wrong.  Ron, Matt and DB took me slowly from baby steps to a full press work out.  They always seemed to know when the time was right to give me just a little heavier weight or a bit more cardio.

Another thing that is great about TWR is the clients.  We are there to work and help each other.  I have never been to a gym where people were so nice.   That is the type of client base TWR attracts.  I actually look forward to the challenge of working out.

These guys are professional, they believe in what they are doing and are always a pleasure to be around.  You won’t be disappointed in the results.

Jen M, TV Executive

Training with Ron and his wonderful staff…where do I begin? Truthfully, I can say this has been the most positive physical conditioning experience of my life. My only regret is that I didn’t find out about it sooner. I’ve never been a person who wakes up in the morning and can’t wait to get to the gym, in fact, I loathed it. However, things have certainly changed. The workout I get from Ron is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Each week is different than the week before, personalized for you every time. At Train With Ron you get professional, knowledgeable instruction, but its always with a smile and loads of encouragement. All of the trainers are so wonderful and fun. Now the important questions…is it working, have I seen results, am I stronger, am I more physically fit? YES, YES, YES and YES! The workouts are intense, very intense, but never boring. I still get very sore the day after a workout (sometimes 2 days after). It won’t be easy, you will work hard. You will likely work harder than you ever have before, but it’s worth every minute, I promise! From your initial consultation, you’ll be addicted. One of the goals I wanted to achieve was to be more in shape at 32 than I was at 22. I feel like that’s already happened…and I’m still 31.

Maria D. from Chicago IL

If you are looking for a way to raise the bar on the quality and effectiveness of your workouts, I highly recommend Train with Ron.  I started training at TWR for 6 months ago…once a week with Matt as part of the Pure Steel (upper body weight training) program, and then quickly moved to twice a week to diversify my workouts to include lower body, cardio and core.   I have always been an avid weight lifter, but in the recent months I have developed musculature and strength that compare to my college athlete days of over 20 years ago!  The workouts keep me challenged and motivated to achieve new goals on a regular basis.  This is not only due to the content of the workouts, but all 3 trainer’s (Matt, DB and Ron) ability to work with each client to provide an hour of exercise that matches the level of an individual’s fitness as well as their personal objectives.  I have to admit that there were things I saw other clients doing in the early weeks of training that I thought I could never do…but now I can!  Thanks to the guys, I have a renewed sense of enjoyment for making every workout count and setting the bar a little higher each month!

TM, International Bank VP/Rugby Player

I was burned out on running and lifting to train for rugby season. My work schedule left me with little energy and self-motivation for exercise. Consequently, I faded into “ex-athlete” status and was lost in the fitness wilderness, so to speak. Then I met Ron and Ron had a plan for me. His unique combination of lunges, sprints, and fast-paced lifting plus The Sled and The Tank have dramatically improved my fitness level, prepared me for rugby season, and most importantly reignited my desire to train vigorously.

If you want a personal trainer dedicated to your success, and you want to get fit in a fun, challenging, and exciting environment, you must visit Ron. If you hold up your end of the bargain, you will see positive, measurable results.

Kathy B. Chicago IL

Sessions at TWR are a wonderful workout, motivational and inspiring. I’ve worked out with a variety of personal trainers over the years and I can say there is an absolute distinction with this place. Ron, Matt and DB have helped me so much with my fitness and overall health. Every workout is different and keeps you coming back for more. Truly addicting!

Elisa, Vice President

Before working with Ron I had worked with other trainers and I worked out on a regular basis. I also had the same “dreaded” feeling every time I woke up to go to the gym. I always got to the point in my workouts where it felt stale and boring. Ron has taught me a new lifestyle. I wake up now and look forward to my workouts every morning. I have more energy and feel better about my body. Ron’s workouts are challenging and different every time. You walk out of the gym feeling better than when you walked in.

Beyond what Ron teaches during the sessions, Ron has taught me his “treadmill routines.” These are amazing workouts that push you to the limits. It is more challenging and more diverse than the standard jogging on the treadmill for 30 minutes. It is also a great way to motivate and push yourself when you aren’t training with Ron.

My largest accomplishment that I have achieved with Ron’s help has been pull-ups. The thought of doing one used to just scare me. When I fist started these I would just hang without the strength to do one. My goal was just to do one. I can now do 17 pull-ups and my new goal is to do 20!

I feel stronger inside and outside of the gym. These workouts have changed my life and now my lifestyle.

Holly P. Chicago IL

Train With Ron is by far the best workout you can get- anywhere! I am a former division 1 athlete and most of the workouts rival my college workouts if not make me work even harder! The trainers are amazing, always pushing you to work harder and get better. I can honestly say you can not get this kind of workout anywhere else. Not even close.

I very highly recommend this to anyone who is willing to work hard and wants to see results! Just give it a shot, what do you have to lose?

Karen B. Attorney At Law

After not working out for almost an entire year, my goal was to get back to the gym. Ron made it very easy to achieve that goal and stick with it. After the first session with Ron, I was hooked. I love the combination of cardio and strength training. It is very different than anything I have done before and really makes you feel like you are working hard. He mixes up the workouts and gives you new things each session, so you never get bored. Ron is very motivational without being over the top. He is a wealth of knowledge on everything sports and nutrition, and can answer any and all questions. I also love the treadmill workouts Ron gives you for the days you don’t see him. They are quick and efficient and do the trick in the least amount of time. It’s really, really tough, but I keep coming back for more!

Shawn I. from Chicago IL

I’ve been training with Ron, DB and Matt at Train With Ron for over two years and I can’t recommend them highly enough.  Prior to TWR, I would work out with a trainer for a few sessions here and there whenever I needed to change up my routine, but I never saw the value in paying to work out with a trainer on a consistent basis.

TWR changed all of that for me.  After a couple of months at TWR, I canceled my gym membership and began working out at TWR exclusively.

Ron, DB and Matt all are top rate trainers and genuinely good guys. They put a lot of thought into the workouts and they change the routines every day to keep you interested and motivated.   Whatever the routine is for the day, they will push you to your edge wherever that happens to be for you.

For all of the intensity of the workouts, the environment at TWR is very friendly and inclusive.  I have worked out with men and women of all ages and fitness levels and I think all of them would tell you that they have benefited greatly from their time at TWR.

Mary, FBI Agent

I had been working out with a trainer for a year and a half before I came to Ron. I was happy where I was at, yet I wanted to maintain what I had achieved. I also wanted to firm and tone my arms and abs—something I had told my previous trainer. Within a couple of months I was noticing results that I had not previously seen. I used to affectionally refer to my arms as “dough rollers”—as an Italian I thought that is all they were good for with the jiggly by the tricep. This summer I wore sleeveless shirts with pride because of the definition I now see and friends commented on them. I definitely know I am in the best shape of my life. I look forward to the workouts— even on the mornings it is hard to get out of bed. Ron is great at judging my mood and adjusts my workout accordingly. He pushes me to get to the next level and taught me the meaning of “failure is a good thing!” The workouts are creative and challenging. I also enjoy Ron’s flexibility in my schedule and he always finds a partner for me to work out with. During group sessions you can see that we are all at different levels, yet Ron is able to customize our work out to make sure we are getting the most out of it. It is also motivating to see where others are at and strive to get to that next level. I highly recommend Train With Ron—you’ll be surprised at how fast the hour goes!

Deepti S, from Chicago IL

I started training at TWR three years ago and can honestly state that it is one of the best decisions I have made in my life! Not only are Ron, Matt and DB devoted to you achieving your fitness goals, they are also three of nicest guys I know! They’ve never given up on me even when there were times I thought I would. Their sincere interest in my health and well being has helped me get to a place where I love my workouts, look forward to them and am currently in the best shape I have been in years. And folks…if you must know…all trainers are not created equal. I was in New York for a little over a year and tried working out with a few trainers out there and it does not even come close to the challenging workouts and genuine commitment you will receive from the TWR guys. Do yourself a huge favor and book your first session with TWR right NOW!!!

Maureen & Mary P., Teachers

We’ve had the pleasure of training with Ron since last March (04). Before we started training with Ron, we worked out faithfully 5 days a week & laughed at the idea of having a personal trainer. We had our own routine of cardio & weights & were quite content. Boy were we wrong! After our first session with Ron we were hooked! We thought we’d do it for maybe two months, well here we are, over a year later, & we cannot ever imagine stopping our training with Ron. Although we were fit to begin with, we have gained so much more strength & are doing moves/lifts /intervals we never dreamed we’d be able to do. Each session with Ron is unique, and he seems to know just what our bodies need each session to be challenged to their fullest potential. He’s always “shocking” our bodies with innovative ideas. Aside from being an incredible personal trainer, Ron is truly a remarkable person. His style of training is demanding, yet his personality is so encouraging. He really empathizes with each and every move, yet he persists because he knows what our bodies are capable of achieving. He has this magical ability to say just what we need to hear when we’re ready to give up. Ron is the most genuine person you’ll ever meet. He has truly found his niche in life, and we are definitely lifetime members. Check out Mary & Maureen on the cover of Road Runner Sports!

Mike G. Chicago IL

I started Train with Ron in December 2007 and am completely  satisfied with my decision.  I had trainers in the past who helped me reach my fitness goals, but those guys were nothing like the trainers at TWR.  I attend TWR 3 times/week and am challenged to push myself extremely hard every workout.  I know that my endurance, strength, and overall fitness level have improved dramatically and I look forward to seeing what new workout the guys will come up with for me.

In addition, the environment is unlike any other personal training studio I have ever attended.  All the clients get along well and I have become good friends with some extending outside of the gym. That’s always a big plus when working out.  I would highly recommend Ron, Matt, and DB at TWR if you are looking to really push your limits and get into great shape.

KJ, Teacher

Training with Ron has been a great experience for me. I have been working with Ron for almost six months now. My strength and cardio gains are significant. I have dropped to my goal weight and I have more energy than I did over the last two years. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent…

Colleen K. from Chicago IL

I love TWR, and it has been part of my regular life for a little over a year.   I joined TWR after I had my second baby.  Prior to my kids, I was a recreational triathlete for 10 years.  I really needed something to help me get back into shape.  I was having trouble finding the discipline and motivation.  Once I signed on with Ron, I found both and now I am on track for being in the best shape of my life.  I would recommend TWR to anyone … health and fitness are such an important part of a happy and fulfilling life.   TWR is a definite way to reach your fitness goals.

Michael R., Small Business Owner

Ron is a top-notch professional! He does a fantastic job blending science, experience, expertise and education into a highly customized personal training program. His cardio based weight training workouts remain fresh and generate results. Ron is constantly in tune with good days and not-so-good days and adjusts workouts accordingly. With Ron, you set goals and achieve them!

Chad R. from Chicago IL

I’ve tried other trainers in the past and it always seemed they were more concerned with their cell phones than my workout.  That being said, at TWR you not only get the personal attention of 1 trainer, but you get 3!  Between Ron, DB and Matt I am challenged each and every workout.  In addition, I’ve taken those good habits and put them to use when I go to workout on my own. Anyone reading this can roll their eyes and believe it or not, but there is one thing that no one can argue with:  RESULTS.  I’m relatively new at TWR, but in my first 6 weeks I dropped 3% body fat and my energy level is through the roof!  If you’re serious about your goals, whether it be losing weight, losing body fat or just enhancing your overall fitness level, give TWR a shot.  You won’t regret it!

Will M., Medical Finance

Not having experienced “training” other than a freebie at a local gym, I was uncertain what to expect when I entered Ron’s gym last Fall. What I encountered was exactly what I needed. Ron actually listened to my realistic goals and tailored a weekly program that challenged me. The atmosphere at the gym is professional yet relaxed. Ron’s style of training is unique in that it is not your typical cardio for 20 minutes followed by the same repetitive weight lifting. Instead, every session I can turn off my mind and put the hour into Ron’s hands. The mix of exercises is a series of weights or movements that build strength while taxing your cardiovascular condition! I never realized how many different forms of exercise could build core strength and give me that good exhausted feeling.


TWR is a wonderful healthy experience.   I’m almost sixty years old and I just love these three guys, Ron, Matt and DB. In my opinion you cannot get a better workout on your own.    I’d rather spent the money for a personnel trainer than spending money to see a Doctor. I have been looking into other trainers, and you will not find a better “Bang for your Buck”. The great part is NO CONTRACTS; NO MEMBERSHIPS, just pay as you go. They are great motivators and change your workouts for each session. They seem to custom your session for your level of training. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY! BN

J.T Teacher

I have been working out with Ron since January. Ron is a great trainer who is very motivating but not over the top. Since having Ron as my personal trainer I have seen an increase in my strengh and cardio. I also have also toned up and have lost inches in my waist and thighs. He has also helped me to make better choices when it comes to eating properly. Ron is the best! I definitely see a difference in my body and I only have been there since January. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent!

Sahara B. from Chicago IL

Looking for a GREAT workout?? This is your place!!  I used to play sports for a Division I University and our workouts were tough but I was in great shape. So, I was looking for a similar experience (without the huge cost) and Train with Ron was a great find! All three trainers are knowledgeable and keep things fun. They are great and modify workouts for your level of training. When I was pregnant, they were able to modify my workouts to help me stay in shape and more importantly, helped me get back in shape after our baby arrived. Overall, Train with Ron is a great workout experience that encourages you to keep working hard and meeting your goals. My husband and I have both been coming to Ron, DB and Matt for almost 3 years and it was one of the best decisions we ever made!

Nicole F. Project Manager

Ron has changed the way I work out forever! The work outs that Ron develops are customized for each person — challenging and invigorating. The encouragement and instruction have been very useful. I’ve remained motivated and have started setting more fitness goals for myself. I truly recommend the Ron to anyone who wants to feel better about their body, to have more energy, and to get more positive and focused; in fact, I tell people about Ron all the time and now some of my friends work out with Ron too.

Carol M. Chicago IL

Train with Ron is THE best workout you will ever have!  If you’re like me and gone thru many personal trainers, look no more.  These guys — Ron, Matt and DB — are the best in Chicago.  They know their stuff and take a personal interest in your workout.

I highly recommend TWR to everyone out there who is looking for a great workout with great trainers.  You will not be disappointed!

Christine M., Non-profit Executive

On my second day of training, Ron asked me to do off-the-knee push-ups and I thought, this guy must be crazy. I hadn’t done a push-up in years. I struggled and did two. I sat there, disappointed, but Ron was pumped up. He knew at that moment where we were starting and had a clear vision for my training going forward. Three months later when I did 65 off-the-toe push-ups I was truly amazed. Was Ron surprised? No, he wasn’t. That’s because the training routine we did week after week was building up my muscles – at the same time my mental roadblocks were getting knocked down with every session. Having him on the sideline, knowing I would succeed was so great, it really made the experience wonderful.

Geoff W. Chicago IL

I have been going to TWR for 3 years and have never worked out harder and pushed myself like I have at any other place.  The group atmosphere and the trainers provide a great environment to work out.  Every time you go is different from the time before making working out fun, challenging and enjoyable.  I recommend TWR to anyone looking for an all-around workout and a fun environment to do it in.

LS Sales Executive

Ron is one of the most genuine, creative and brilliant people I’ve ever met. I was a little concerned about training with two or three people at one time. I’ve been accustomed to one on one sessions with my previous trainer(s). After a few workouts with Ron training three of us at one time I couldn’t believe it. I was truly amazed at how Ron can manage several people in one hour and still get the most out of everyone. It’s difficult to capture here but there’s this incredible energy exchanged with everyone moving around and sweating their butts off. I’ve never had such intense and immediately gratifying workouts. Everytime I Train with Ron I know I’ve been pushed to the best of my abilities. In addition, it makes sense for me financially. I’ve worked with a few trainers over the years and Ron is by far the best! I’m hooked!

Dan F. from Chicago IL

I’ve been training at TWR for about three years and I can say with 100% confidence that TWR consistently offers challenging but rewarding work-outs.  The three traininers (Ron, Dale & Matt) are professional, knowledgeable, and overall fantastic to work with.  TWR provides an atmosphere that makes you want to work hard during your work-outs and keep coming back for more!

I highly recommend TWR for anyone looking to improve their health and enhance their work-outs.  You will soon find yourself addicted!!!

Christina R, National Sales Manager

Ron Potocnik is a phenomenal trainer. He combines knowledge with skill as a personal fitness trainer. His enthusiasm and professionalism make going to the gym a pleasure and success.You are lucky to have him as a trainer. In addition, besides doing The Scorpion in yoga class over the weekend, I successfully did Tree Pose for the first time! Both involve balance, strength and concentration. Very cool improvements in my yoga practice that I am sure are due to the weight training. Second, I went to the driving range on Saturday, for the first time this year, and hit golf balls pretty damn well and pretty damn far. Definitely felt like I was getting more power and control than I had in my swing last year.Finally, tennis class tonight was great. I haven’t played in a few weeks and my knee is pretty problematic with the side to side movements, but I hit really solidly. My serves and overheads were awesome. Lots of power there and control, where previously these were both weak areas in my game. I owe it all to your training, encouragement and my hard work. You told me I would realize benefits in other athletic areas and I’m really seeing it. Super cool and motivating. Now I just have to eat less and smarter…. Thanks!

Marc K. from Chicago IL

If you are someone like me who hadn’t been to a gym in several years and was intimidated to go .Then I would say TWR is a right fit  for you . 3 years later and very close to my 100 lb weight loss goal  TWR  has changed my life my attitude and my body .I started out 2 days a week in the beginning and have worked my way up to 5 days a week consistently.It has become a part of my everyday life.Ron,Matt and DB …3 excellent trainers ,3 unique styles of training, (which keeps it different and fresh every workout )3 individual personalities which all mesh  =  Training with results in a drama free atmosphere .They take a personal interest in your personal training ….

Heather T, Attorney at Law

From the minute I saw Ron training another client at my gym, I knew that I wanted to work with him. I had recently had a baby and was anxious about getting back into shape. Working out by myself simply wasn’t giving me the results that I was looking for, so I searched for a professional who could push my limits and get me where I wanted to be in as little time as possible.

I could tell just by watching Ron with other clients that he was the trainer for me. His routines were thoughtful and energized, his demeanor was positive and his approach was focused. He also had well-researched advice on nutrition and rest. It was clear that Ron and his clients were there to work, not to chit-chat. Most importantly, at the end of their sessions, Ron’s clients had satisfied smiles on their faces. They were on their way to true fitness.

I knew then and there that if I started to work out with Ron on a regular basis, my pre-baby body would be within reach. I was not disappointed–with Ron’s help, not only have I lost all of my “baby-weight,” but I am leaner, stronger and healthier than I was even before I was pregnant. With Ron’s coaching, clients can push to the next level without fearing injury or burn-out. He knows what he’s doing. If you put in the work, you get the results you want. Period. He’s just a great trainer.

Brent B. from Chicago IL

TWR is the best workout you can get.  It doesn’t matter if you are able to go four times a week or only once, they will challenge you and help you create a healthier body.  Ron, DB and Matt are people that care about the well being of all the people that come to them and it shows in how they perform their jobs.  My wife and I are in our early thirties and have been going to TWR for almost three years and we can’t wait to go each week.

Jake T, Attorney at Law

Ron is a great trainer for all levels of experience. Being new to weight training (and working with a trainer), Ron has been a great. Ron explains each exercise well – breaking it down step by step. He works with you at your level of experience and fitness.

For a beginner, Ron doesn’t make strength training intimidating or overwhelming. Ron is extremely knowledgeable about strength training, fitness and nutrition and gives helpful tips and useful information throughout the workout. Ron puts a lot of thought into each workout and each work out is a real physical challenge. No two sessions are ever the same and never are monotonous. Ron really pushes you to your limits.

I would recommend working with Ron to anyone.

Erin P. from Chicago IL

Train with Ron is a great workout experience!!!  Ron, DB and Matt are top notch trainers who care about your health and fitness.  They make every workout challenging, fun and worth your while.  I also like that TWR provides a non pretentious atmosphere making it comfortable for someone at any fitness level.  I have seen direct results from going twice a week.  My endurance, strength and energy have increased dramatically since starting back up last June.  I highly recommend giving TWR a try!  You will feel better about yourself and definitely see results.

ZTJ, Small Business Owner

Ron is a pleasure to work with on many fronts. His background , expertise and knowledge coupled with his pleasant personality size up to a great combination and a wonderful experience. I look forward to working out with Ron as he educates me along with working me out. His professionalism and attention to detail makes the difference for me.

Dan A. from Chicago’s West Loop in IL

A LIFE Changing Experience!

Train With Ron is a totally unique experience in personal training. Like everything, success comes down to the people involved, and you won’t encounter three more dedicated trainers than Ron, Matt, and DB. As my wife put it, “lots of people show up for their work, but they aren’t really there…” these guys are truly THERE to support, help, guide, coach, and encourage you to reach and exceed what you believe you are capable of. I am lighter, faster, and stronger than I have been in 10 years as a direct result of my investment in myself at Train With Ron.

Changing my eating and exercise habits… and ultimately, my body – also helped me to change so many other facets of my life, I cannot begin to describe the side benefits here.

Don’t wait another day… begin your journey NOW – I waited way too long, but I found out that it’s never too late – and Ron, Matt, and DB have the information, experience, and motivation that it will take for you to CHANGE YOUR LIFE like my wife and I did!

Kara M, Buyer

Before I hired Ron to be my personal trainer, I had been working out on my own at home for a few years but recently had become frustrated. A lack of motivation combined with some recent lifestyle changes contributed to me gaining weight that I couldn’t take off. Hiring Ron was one of the best decisions I have ever made for two reasons. He really helped motivate me to lose the weight that I had gained, build a considerable amount of strength and regain my focus. With Ron’s help I’m now stronger and in better physical shape than I ever been in my life. In addition, through our training sessions together and many discussions we had about fitness and health, he also inspired me seek a new career path and enter the fitness profession myself. Thanks to Ron, I’m now studying to enter the health and fitness field and I love it.

Mary P. from Chicago IL

Not quite sure how to even start to “review” Train With Ron and their incredible staff.  Mo & I have  always worked out at gyms & have seen personal trainers “in action” at the various gyms, but we never quite saw their purpose.  However, this all changed when we ran into Ron 5 years ago & decided to give TWR a shot.  Well, we’re still there & can’t even begin to express our gratitude, admiration, and appreciation for all three trainers.  They each bring a unique style to training and regardless of who you train with, you’ll always leave feeling your best (physically and mentally) and anxious to come back.  They watch your every move to be sure your form is correct & they’re constantly motivating you with their words of encouragement.  Yes, they challenge you, INDIVIDUALLY, somehow they have the incredible ability to push you to YOUR  limits and know exactly what you need.  Going to TWR is like a good drug….you can never get enough yet all side effects are fantastic for you.  Between the two of us we’ve had numerous injuries where we thought we wouldn’t be able to train while healing.  However, Dale, Matt, and Ron worked around each and every limitation/injury and we consistently got amazing workouts.  We’ve trained for God knows how many sessions these last 5 years yet we’ve NEVER EVER had the same workout.  Training here is like being with your family.  It seriously is a small community where everyone is welcoming, constantly encouraging, and friends.

Tracy K, Network Account Manager

I started with Ron in April to get in shape for my wedding in October. I have always exercised and have even run marathons however I was looking for someone to help me learn the proper techniques of weight lifting. Ron came referred to me by one of my friends that was using him and getting results. I was very leery about the concept of using a personnel trainer but from my first meeting with Ron he set me at ease. My goal was to tone up my arms for my wedding dress and get in the best shape possible to walk down the aisle. In the process of working with Ron not only are my arms getting results but I’m getting leaner in my waist line and just feel healthier. Ron’s work outs are not easy but every time I leave a session I feel really great. During each work out with Ron he walks me through what we are doing and why we are doing it. I ask a lot of questions and never yet has Ron said I don’t know. His knowledge clearly shows that it is his passion. I have and will continue to refer friends to him.

Will M. from Chicago IL

Train with Ron is a vastly unique workout experience.  Unlike the “usual suspects” in the personal trainer/health club world…TWR offers a challenging program that can be tailored for any degree of difficulty.  No idiot muscle head pretending to help train you while really just wanting to show off…TWR is quite the opposite.

Every session is different and avoids the typical pitfalls of complacent routines that prohibit your body/mind from gaining strength and seeing results!  Ron, DB and Matt are constantly creating customized programs to keep fitness fresh; from a weightlifting regimen to cardio endurance competitions to weight loss contests.

When you have a trio of trainers that range from professional athlete to triathlete to world class sprinter…you know you are in extremely capable hands but amazingly it is not an overwhelming environment.  Instead, these three guys are so down to earth and friendly while focused on helping you improve your individual fitness goals.  This is a must try training experience!

JSL, Marketing Manager, Kellogg MBA Candidate, Techno DeeJay

I was very skeptical when I signed on for a personal trainer. In fact if it were not for the sales person who put the membership along with the personal training sessions into one price, I would most likely not have purchased sessions. However, I am extremely happy that I was asssigned Ron as my personal trainer. I have been working out pretty regularly for almost 10 years and I thought I knew most of the exercises. But working with Ron, I have learned to use certain exercises in the right combination, use correct form and to push myself to produce results. Also, we change our routine regularly therefore working every muscle group and at times muscles that I didn’t even know I had. I get more out of a one hour session with Ron than I did when I worked out twice as long by myself. And since time is a luxury for me, it is definitely money well spent. I am in better shape now working out once, twice max, a week with Ron than when I used work out 4 to 5 times a week by myself or with a friend. I would honestly say that this best shape I have been in since my college crew days 7 years ago but that was working out 6 times a week, 3 hours a day. At the end of the day, nothing bad will ever come with working with Ron – except some sore muscles. Ron encourages me without becoming the over bearing drill sergeant, works to maximize my time and takes the time to understand ultimately what my fitness goals are – plus he works with my schedule. Ron also makes working out fun and enjoyable – he’s a real easy going person that is easy to talk too, not the typical fitness freak you see on TV selling the “Super-Max Ab Blaster Plus!” To say I am happy my training experience with Ron would be an understatement. I work out less minutes but I’m in better shape, what more can I ask for?!

Frank N. from Chicago IL

I have been working out at Train with Ron for 3 years now. I am 38 years old and have worked out my entire adult life. The results and the friendships I’ve attained from Train with Ron are unlike anything I could have ever imagined.

Ron, DB and Matt are the three best trainers I’ve ever had and i’ve had many. They all posses unique skills and combined they can transform any client into the ultimate physical specimen. I’ve seen so many clients male and female alike attain amazing results it’s really inspiring.

At TWR it is not your usual  gym with people wearing headphones and random trainers. It’s 3 of the most quality people you will ever meet, motivating groups of clients who in turn motivate each other in a fun environment.  Everyone under that roof becomes a friend, trainer and client alike.

I’ve tried P90x. I’ve tried the Insanity workout.  TWR has given me better results in a setting I look forward to being in. So weather your someone who wants to add a kick ass workout to your routine a couple days a month, or someone who wants to get the best unlimited training deal there is and achieve the results you thought only Hollywood celebrities can get. I can’t recommend TWR enough!!

Amy N, Manager of Human Resources – IBM

For the last eight months I have trained with Ron and can say without question I would not be where I am today had it not been for his support and encouragement. Ron keeps our time together upbeat and challenging session after session. There are times I think he is insane but the excitement and commitment he brings to his training motivates you to push past your own walls and achieve things you never thought possible. I have seen a remarkable difference in my energy level and physical endurance since I began working with Ron. Plus, he lets you choose the music, what more could you want?

Ro Y. from Chicago IL

By far the best workout I’ve ever had in my life. No two workouts are the same so you never feel bored. The activities are always challenging and designed to workout the areas you want to concentrate on. The atmosphere is fun, friendly and non-judgemental. I would highly recommend TWR.

Dorie, Financial Consultant – Smith Barney

I have enjoyed working with Ron for the sense of commitment and professionalism that he brings to each training session. He comes prepared with thoughtful exercises that fit with my goals. Ron takes an interest in each of his clients and really gets to the core of my goals. He inspires me to dig deeper and push harder than I ever would on my own. I respect Ron for pursuing a career that he is passionate about and I feel that he has his heart in to making me successful. Ron will go above and beyond to help me and he follows through on his word. An example of Ron’s commitment was clear to me when he prepared a spreadsheet for me to track my daily eating. This is outside the typical trainer experience. I am very thankful that I train with Ron.

Colleen W. from Chicago IL

I can’t say enough great things about my experience at Train with Ron. I started working out here in 2007 to get in shape for my wedding and have never looked back! I was in awesome shape for my wedding and love to look back at my honeymoon pictures.

Today, I work out at TWR twice a week and I’ve never considered stopping! It is the best thing I do for myself. The workouts are always challenging, and the trainers pushed me to a fitness level that I didn’t realize was possible. I am strong!! I also feel better, have more energy and am more confident due to my workouts. Every time I leave the gym, I know that I’ve gotten a great workout. I would recommend TWR to anyone interested in getting in shape or challenging their current level of fitness. The trainers are very talented athletes and are also really great people. You will love Train with Ron!

Katie M, TV Producer

Ron Potocnik has been training me for three months and I’ve never felt better! I work 70 hours a week and Ron’s sessions give me the energy I need to get through the day. His knowledge about fitness and attention to my personal goals are exceptional. Before I started training with Ron, I was addicted to cardio but my body did not feel fit and strong. With Ron’s guidance, I started weight training and love it. I am leaner, stronger and my body shape is changing. I look more fit and feel great! I would recommend Ron to anyone who wants to look and feel their BEST and to my closest friends.)

Craig D. from Chicago IL

Top notch company!!  This summer I will have been with TWR for a year.  My goal was to get healthy and I am well on my way.  DB, Matt and Ron push you without crossing lines.  I go between 3 and 4 times a week and every workout is different.  This keeps it interesting which in turn keeps me coming back.  One of the best things is they really taylor your program to fit both your needs and your capabilities.

Tom T, General Manager

Working out with Ron has been a blast! I never realized while training for marathons and triathlons, that I was missing such a huge component to my overall fitness level and that was core strength training. Ron’s method of fast paced lifting and core strength exercises combined with diet, has helped me reach a higher performance level and better race times. I’ve lost weight, improved my overall strength, speed and flexibility. Ron will find the right exercises and pace to fit anyone. Ron’s gym is a great and comfortable place to work out. The sessions are strenuous, but enjoyable and bottom line is to feel better and I do.

Dan H. from Lake Villa IL

If you’re serious about getting in shape, then you should seriously check out Train with Ron.  Matt, DB and Ron get to know you and your goals and work with you to achieve them.  They push you to your limit and the results are great.

The facility is “old school” no fancy machines, no spinning classes, no pilates…just old fashioned hard work involving different muscle groups in every workout.

Once you spend a couple of weeks with TWR, you’re family.  I’m hooked and I suspect you will be too.

Judie L, Vice President of Sales

Before I started training with Ron, I could barely do one push up and rarely did much more than go to the gym once a week. I’ve been training with Ron for almost a year and I did 50 push ups the other night! And I actually enjoyed it! Ron makes working out so much more than a work out – it’s fitness on a whole new level. I have found that I enjoy the personal challenge more than anything and look forward to our sessions each week. Ron has a way of pushing my limits while making the whole experience enjoyable. I have referred a few friends, who are now loyal clients as well…we all enjoy the personal attention in the comfortable atmosphere of Train With Ron.

Caroline S. from Chicago IL

You know that hidden stash of clothes in your closet that you dream of wearing if you could only lose 5 or 10 pounds? Clothes that used to fit a million years ago that you simply cannot depart with because you have an emotional attachment to how cute they are and expensive they were?

Well, I do, and my fiance has repeatedly accused me of going shopping, when what is really happening is that I am now able to shop in that hidden section of my closet.

What happened? Train With Ron.

In preparation for my wedding, I go to TWR 2 or 3 times a week for the past 5 months or so. (I also go to hot yoga once a week, and occasionally also do this thing on treadmill that TWR introduced me to…)

Prior to TWR, I had never been to personal trainer for all the typical reasons – cost and intimidation. The price was amazing for the bulk package that I bought, and the trainers are the best. Every session is different, and I have lost a lot of weight, and gained considerable muscle.

If you are even considering training session, do yourself a favor and check out this facility.

Jane, Manager-Banking

In May of 2005, I began a new job with a renewed commitment to a work/life balance that included getting into a workout routine. I had just left a job working very long and inconsistent hours which in turn made me unmotivated to begin a new workout regimen on my own. To top that off, I had 2 knee surgeries in 1 year (caused from a fall after running) and with lack of activity, I put on excess weight. Sounds pretty pathetic, huh.

Well, my new job introduced me to new colleagues and one of them told me about Ron. She encouraged me to meet with him to learn about his training style. In my first meeting with Ron, he spent time listening to me about my goals/restrictions. and then took me through a real-life workout “according to Ron”. At the end of my session, he told me he could promise me 3 things in one month; 1) increased energy, 2) increased endurance and 3) increased in strength. He also told me that he could work with 3 clients with 3 different fitness levels and still give us each a challenging workout. From that 1st session, I decided to give Ron’s training style a try. One key thing that was important to me was that I gain strength to be able to walk without pain and without having to limp (all residual effects from the knee surgeries).

I have been working out with Ron on a consistent basis since last summer (almost 7 months now)…and one day while I was walking my dog, I suddenly realized that I no longer walked with a limp and the pain was practically non-existent. Then, again, one morning when Ron had me working on sit down/squats…I realized I no longer had to hold on to anything to steady myself so that I could stand up. This was huge for me as the knee surgeries left me with reduced strength in a lot of areas. I attribute these small successes to Ron’s training style, patience (even when I had none) and pushing me to the next level.

While I am still working on my weight loss goals, I have seen significant improvement in my strength, endurance and energy. I attribute that to Ron’s training style and his ability to keep me motivated to keep moving forward, even if it’s only small steps. These small successes are beginning to mesh into huge successes for me. I am looking forward to my weight loss goals and eventually (hopefully) being able to run a 5k.

Thanks, Ron!

Matt V. from Chicago IL

My story — I was always someone that had shied away from gyms in general, crowds in general, and had never lifted weights or been on a regular fitness routine.  Then a few years back after shedding some weight by eating frozen TV dinners I tried Lakeshore Athletic club personal training.  Although an OK start to strength training, I never felt comfortable that the trainers I worked with really pushed you hard or knew what was truly effective for results — there was always a lot of second guessing going on.  In stark contrast the trainers at Train With Ron clearly have depth of experience and are also clearly trying to better their own techniques and knowledge — nothing feels stale nor do they seem to ever be bored training you.  Unlike other places I’ve been to all the trainers are equally great to work with such that I don’t care who I wind up with when I show up.  The workouts are intense and you always have a large amount of endorphins following one because of that intensity (if you have ever run a 5k you know what I’m talking about).  I myself had lost some weight on my own but never had figured out the long term solution to lose the last 40 pounds to reach my final goal weight nor had I figured out a good way to be “fit for life”.  Now I’m well on my way — only 20 lbs away from an ideal weight/body fat %.  (having started at 265 lbs and now 200)  My body in general is clearly significantly stronger and my mind is clearly working better as a result of that.  For someone who is more of an introvert — it is nice that it is a small intimate environment where everyone is so tired/beatup by the trainers that everyone pretty much ignores everyone else and gawking is kept to a minimum 🙂  The people here work hard without exception, and when you finally are able to take a breather to socialize the clientèle that TWR attracts seems consistently friendly and cordial.

Timora A, Promotional Marketing Sales

I’ve never met anyone who has such passion for a career like Ron does. After many conversations with Ron, about how important weight training & proper nutrition are, I decided to join a gym. I quickly became bored with all the cardiovascular activity and was too afraid to use the weight room. After picking Ron’s brain for a few months I decided to train with him. Ron has taught me the importance of combining weight training & proper nutrition to benefit from working out. Working out has become a hobby to me now. I look forward to working out with Ron because I know that he will KICK MY BUTT! I’ve been working out with Ron now for 6 months and have never felt or looked better in my life. About 1 year ago, I would look at other women & say, “I wish I had her body!” Now, I hear people say that about me. Not only do I look and feel great, but also I’m a much healthier person with a lot more energy. I now feel confident working out on my own in the weight room since Ron has shown me the proper way to use weights. Weight training is something that is very important to me and I know that I will continue to do for the rest of my life!

Tracy H. from Chicago IL

I have been working out with these guys for over 3 years and I love it! I go twice a week to get my fix, because it is addicting, and the results are amazing. I burn at least 600 + calories in every workout. I feel like TWR is the “Cheers” of the gym world – everyone knows each other, it’s a great environment with positive people who all have different goals. Whether its to tone up, stay healthy or lose weight you will hit your goal if you work out with TWR.

I would recommend TWR without reservation and you’ll love the different work outs you get in each session.

Steph B. from Chicago IL

Train With Ron is by far the best two hours of my week.  I have been active most of my life, but I have never been pushed this hard or enjoyed working out this much!  I started training with Ron, Matt & DB in Jan 09 and have seen great results over the past 15 months – toned arms, reduction in body fat % and shed some weight.  What I love most is accomplishing something I never thought I could do.  Every single workout is different and it makes you want to come back for more.  For anyone looking to tone up, lose weight or just challenge yourself physically, TWR is the place for you!

Virginia R. from Chicago IL

I highly recommend TWR.  It’s very simple, their workouts are interesting, challenging, innovative and efficient.  DB, Matt and Ron really know what they are doing, they are truly professional. The best thing about TWR is that even though I’m certainly not an athlete, they somehow take me to a level I never thought I would ever reach or sustain.

    Here are some other GREAT things about TWR:

  • There is always parking
  • Flexible hours
  • Online scheduling
  • Pricing is very affordable
  • Good location

Vince P. from Glenview, IL

There are only 6 words to describe TWR, “The Best Training Facility In Chicago”. There is no workout that I have gotten from other personal trainers that even comes close. Whether you are trained by Ron, Matt, or DB you will leave feeling like you have just trained for the Olympics.

These guy’s care so much about personal gain and helping you  acheive and reaching your goals. If you are serious about working out and making changes in your life these personal trainers will help you do it.

Please just give them one day of your life and you will go back again and again. Thank you Ron, Matt, and DB for changing my life.

Steve G. from Chicago IL

I started at TWR just about 1 year ago and have 20 lbs, look 10 yrs younger and have a new physique.  I’ve worked with other trainers and the guys at TWR are first rate – without question. They are dedicated, focused and genuinely love their work.  They create a positive environment they makes every client feel welcome and comfortable.  These guys change lives.

Peggy S. from Chicago IL

I’ve been going to Train With Ron for well over a year and am loving it.  Ron, Matt, and DB make the workouts fun (they are able to push you at right the appropriate level) and you never know what they are going to ask you to do. I have never had the same workout twice. The trainers are able to differentiate our workouts based on our  needs and abilities.

I would highly recommend you signing up for a session. After one session you will be hooked and the best thing – you will start to feel and look better!!!

George K. from Chicago IL

Very simple – you don’t need to look any further if your looking for personal training.   It doesn’t matter what stage your at – beginner, advanced or in between or what age you are.  Go for a few sessions and you will never look back.  The trainers are great – every workout is different and you will feel so much better about yourself after just a few sessions.  Also – it is the best deal around – plenty of options to fit what works for you and absolutely no contracts, memberships or attempts at upsell.  Plain and simple – this is personal training at its core with no gimmicks.

I met Ron in December 2008 after being recommended by a friend and have been going since and seriously have never felt better both physically and mentally  …”Mens sana in corpore sano” …. I recommend without hesitation TWR to everyone.  Go for it.  You will be so happy you did.

Mindy C. from Chicago IL

I have been going to TWR for almost 2 years.  This place has transformed my body and mind! I love working out with Ron, Matt, and DB, you never know what type of workout you are going to get!  I have gone down three-pant sizes!

Not only are these the best trainers around, I enjoy going to work out.  I have gotten to know most of the people I work out with and we always have a fun-competitive session.

I highly recommend TWR to everyone!

Jessica E. from Chicago IL

This is the best workout ever! I started going to Ron before my wedding to look good in my dress and I’ve just celebrated my 5 year anniversary and have never felt or looked better. Now my husband goes too. It’s not just for fitting into a dress anymore — it’s for life long health.

I would NEVER push myself or keep myself going for an hour at that intensity. Ron, DB and Matt are really supportive and the other clients you train with are motivated too and the energy there is just really great. I can do so much more with them than on my own.

Also I can do some awesome stuff like, last year I did 100 mile bike ride “without training” for it. Because I workout with Ron twice a week, I got on the bike and rode all day and it was super fun! I don’t think I would be able to jump on my bike and ride 100 miles if it weren’t for Train With Ron.

Ron’s 30 on 30 off “homework” is an extra bonus. He gives you workouts to do on your own. Even though they make all my cardios hurt, I notice that my cardio is improved when I do them.

I could go on and on…I just love Train With Ron.

Natasha S. from Chicago IL

GREAT WORKOUT!!!  I was feeling a little overworked and out of shape, and needed a personal trainer to motivate me and get me on a set schedule……I was glad I found Train with Ron!  In just a few months I’ve shed some pounds, and am a lot stronger.  My 1 hour workouts have intensified, and most importantly I feel like I have more energy during the day!  Thanks Ron!  Can’t wait for bikini season now 😉

Lindsay S. from Chicago IL

Seriously the BEST trainers in the city.  They care about your progress and will kick your ….

Really fun group classes that push you to your limits. Really engaging atmosphere.

I’m buffer (is that an adjective?) and cuter because of these guys. I started as a beginner and have gradually worked my way up to an intermediate athlete. I could never do a push up, now I’m rocking 20 or 30 at a time!!

I would absolutely recommend coming in for a free trial session and meeting them.